Monday, December 21, 2009

New Beginnings! Bring it on 2010!

Oh Boy, things are quickly coming to a close here in 2009. I for one, am already over it! 
Current: Finished up writing 12 tracks for my newest project, The Goodsam, and will be headed into the studio to record at Studio G in Brooklyn. The Major Players:
Producer- Tony Maimone
Compositions, Arrangements, Vocals, Bass, Horns, Keys etc... - yours truly.
Drums- Dan Muhlenburg, Jon Karel
Guitars- Simon Kafka
Strings,  Brass, Woodwinds- tba
This will be my first solo record, so there's a lot of excitement and nerves around my apartment! 

Cock Lorge released his latest record, The Leading Role, to a fantastic audience- there was a line out the door! I had the pleasure of Producing and arranging this fine album! It can be purchased on itunes, or for free at a show! the 1st TCIF (thank cock it's friday) of the decade is January 8th at Piano's with guests, Uzimon, and David Moore (from Langhorne Slim). Mark your calendars! 
Wishing you a Happy Festive Season,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall part 1

Fall has arrived, and there is much to smile about! The summer long anticipation of the Thank Cock it's Friday series at Piano's (158 ludlow, L.E.S.), has begun! 1st Friday of every month. 

Friday Nov. 6th Cock Lorge Band will release their much anticipated new album, The Leading Role at TCIF. Produced and arranged by yours truly! Co-produced with Tony Maimone and Cock Lorge, mixed and engineered at Studio G in W'burg. For a Sneak Peak, the record is streaming for a limited time @  

Currently writing and demoing tracks for my new project, Good Sam. Slated to record early January with Tony Maimone @ Studio G. 

Wrote, arranged and performed (yes it's my voice) a cover of an Eels tune, "That Look You Give That Guy". Kevin Rankin shot and edited this silly film of us getting drunk and silly at my apartment in queens. He did an outstanding job. His work can be found @ http://www.TwilightVisionTV.Com/ 
Check out the video below! 

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 09 -CURRENT-

Here's what's in the works:

  • Finished up recording horns on Jordan Galland's second solo album last month. His first album Airbrush has been getting some great reviews! Here's one:

Taking cues from Leonard Cohen and Francoise Hardy, in terms of poetically- inspired

songwriting and a light, dreamy air, respectively, Galland has crafted a work of soundtrack- esque beauty in Airbrush - A Future in Noise music blog

Just this week, we threw down some horns on his lounge-y cover of Duran Duran's Hungry Like a Wolf. It went exceedingly well, and was mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine's music blog. You can find that here:

Anyhow, you can find more on Jordan at his myspace: or

  • The Kiss Kiss record is finally out!!!!!! The Meek Shall Inherit Whats Left EYE20101 Release Date: 07.07.09 and yes... my name is spelled wrong, as is seemingly becoming the norm in my life. But, what an album!!! I played bass and trumpet on this record. for more info:

  • The New Cock Lorge album, The Leading Role is slated for release this September!!!!! It'll be my first credits as Producer and arranger- the masters are finished and it sounds INCREDIBLE!!! We recorded this with Tony Maimone @ studio G in Williamsburg. It was a super classy experience.

  • The Albertans have released their album, The Legend of Sam Marco. Did some horn arrangements on that one- more info at

  • Still subbing on broadway shows, teaching, arranging and playing gigs. The biggest news is that I got Married!!! I am an exceptionally fortunate man to have found such a wonderful partner. I never truly understood what success was until I met my wife, Jane.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Current Events 2.21.09

Currently writing material for SIAM's first release. SIAM is Simon Kafka, Dan Muhlenberg, RJ Gordon, and Sam Oatts.

In the studio producing Cock Lorge's upcoming EP- "The Leading Role". Release date this spring. We'll be performing some of the new tunes at Piano's (158 Ludlow st.) on 3.6.09. Show starts @7:30. $5 or

In the process of finishing horn arrangements for Jordan Galland's second solo release. We collaborated on his first album, "airbrush". Some sweet horn parts!!! check it:

Arranged and performed on a couple tunes of James Levy's latest album, "Blood Red Rose". Notably, the title track, Blood Red Rose.

Arranged some horn parts with on the Albertans upcoming album, "the Legend of Sam Marco". It's due out in April of 09.

FINALLY, a release date for the new KISS KISS album entitled, "the Meek Shall Inherit what's Left", has been set for May 09 It will be epic. My bass playing will be featured- look out bass player magazine hahaha! Be ready! for more updates on KISS KISS: