Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall part 1

Fall has arrived, and there is much to smile about! The summer long anticipation of the Thank Cock it's Friday series at Piano's (158 ludlow, L.E.S.), has begun! 1st Friday of every month. 

Friday Nov. 6th Cock Lorge Band will release their much anticipated new album, The Leading Role at TCIF. Produced and arranged by yours truly! Co-produced with Tony Maimone and Cock Lorge, mixed and engineered at Studio G in W'burg. For a Sneak Peak, the record is streaming for a limited time @ www.cocklorge.com  

Currently writing and demoing tracks for my new project, Good Sam. Slated to record early January with Tony Maimone @ Studio G. 

Wrote, arranged and performed (yes it's my voice) a cover of an Eels tune, "That Look You Give That Guy". Kevin Rankin shot and edited this silly film of us getting drunk and silly at my apartment in queens. He did an outstanding job. His work can be found @ http://www.TwilightVisionTV.Com/ 
Check out the video below! 

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  1. fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah!

    helluva voice there sammy, helluva voice