Tuesday, June 1, 2010

spring turns to summer 2010

ahhh the warmth of summer is finally here! some exciting news:

Filmmaker/Songwriter/Musician/ "rennaisance man" Jordan Galland's sophomore release "Search Party" is finally here!!! Again, I was given the wonderful opportunity to arrange, collaborate, and record horn lines on all but one tune! A wonderful follow-up to his debut record "Airbrush", Jordan is no stranger to great reviews! The title track was Papermag's music video of the day this week.

Search Party from Jordan Galland on Vimeo.

Cock Lorge Band's "The Leading Role" keeps on raking in positive reviews making honorable mention in Robert Christgau's April Consumer Guide- "Five knowledgeable songs about the old in-out -- with a groove, such as it is, to match". pretty cool. Our buddies at Twilight Vision TV did a very funny interview with Cock. Check it:

Twilight Vision 17: Cock Lorge from TwilightVision on Vimeo.

I had the privilege of recording a few tracks for James Levy's new project "blood red rose" at electric lady studios here in NYC. It was a pleasure getting to work with an incredible group of musical minds. Having the opportunity to preview many of the tracks, I can assert this will be one of those "timeless" records in any collection.

Still working on my solo release which will now be titled "In the Company of Others". We're still working on the orchestral arrangements. The plan is to finish recording this summer, and throw together a promotional demo, before releasing the full length. I would like to personally thank Simon Kafka, Dan Muhlenburg, and Tony Maimone for their incredible work and faith in this project. I'll start to leak some of the mastery achieved on these sessions on my myspace in the coming months.

Best Regards,