Sunday, July 15, 2012


So, the new band, Hudson Hank is up and running. the album is finally finished and we're going to try and self release this bad boy by late summer, early fall! very exciting- will keep y'all updated. The band is:

yours truly: Vocals/flugelhorn
Dan Muhlenburg: Drums
Simon Kafka: Guitar
Jonbiliah Toscano: Bass
Rob Cookman: Keys

We had a very successful first show at Olive's in Nyack in June Co-hosted by our good friends at Alumni 2012. Hopefully we can post some live footage soon!

Other notable developments: 

James Levy and the Blood Red Rose's (ft. Allison Pierce) record was released in February to fantastic reviews in the UK! I had the fantastic opportunity to arrange the strings, brass, and winds on this record! I also had the chance play the CD release show and a couple BBC performances on flugalhorn with James and Allison. It was a great time, to say the least! There has yet to be a date announced for a US release, but you can purchase the record HERE. also, check out their facebook:

I've started work, with my good friends in TOURNAMENT, arranging some pretty epic shit for their next groundbreaking album. Look for some new textures soon. in the meantime, you can check out their older material HERE

So, on Friday, I head to Japan for a month to do the final leg of the Come Fly Away tour. So I'll see y'all in August.

Until then, check out HUDSON HANK and "Like" us on facebook!